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Founded in 2023, PilExOS is the world’s first web-based application built to automate the daily operations of Pilot Examiners, while improving the safety, efficiency, and transparency of checkrides for Applicants, Instructors, and Flight Schools.

Key Attributes

PilExOS makes it easier than ever for Examiners, Applicants and Flight Schools to find, book, and manage checkrides

Key Attributes - PilExOS

“I have been using PilExOS since its inception and it has been a huge help to my operation as a DPE. Instead of carrying around a calendar book, my entire operations workflows and bookings are virtually at my fingertips. It has streamlined my entire checkride process enormously. The flight schools I work with like using it as well since we don’t have to swap countless phone calls or texts. It took a huge workload off of me. PilExOS support is amazing. I always can get an answer no matter what time of day or day of the week it is. They are very in tune to what is needed in the DPE world. I look forward to seeing what innovative things they will continue to come up with.”

Glenn Piacentini

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